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Sanctorum Ecovillage is located on 40 acres of Sacred  Valley land in Colorado, due East of the great Tava-kaavi, which is an older, indigenous (Uto-Aztecan) name for the Sacred Mountain now famously known as Pikes Peak.

In Autobiography of a Yogi, Paramahansa Yogananda names Pikes Peak as one of the only places on Earth that is comparable to the majestic Himalayan temples where he received his secret yoga initiations from the masters.

Tava-kaavi was also home to Nikola Tesla’s mysterious laboratory, where the visionary scientist conducted groundbreaking electrical experiments in search of a limitless, clean, free energy source for the world.

iWelcome Home, Familia!

Our casa is your casa too…

According to the ancient lineage of direct oral transmission, Tava-kaavi means “Sun Mountain”, mountain that touches Father Sky, mountain that holds up the heavens from whence the native people (“the People”) originally come.

Rather than just evolving from the watery depths, the native people also speak of incarnating from the stars above – and of the Creator placing them upon sacred mountain peaks like Tava-kaavi and in the Garden of the Gods at the beginning of creation.

Near its base

Underground tunnel systems full of cavernous formations sprawl out from the Cave of the Winds portal – which, according to the Apache, is the home of the Great Spirit of the Wind.

In Manitou (or “Spirit”) Springs – rainbow colored waterfalls and eight, naturally carbonated, healing mineral water wellsprings burst from the ground 

The legendary Garden of the Gods boasts an arrangement of standing monolithic stones the size of skyscrapers. Ancient petroglyphs have been found among the stones, as well as evidence of them being an intertribal crossroads and sacred site for many nations since thousands of years ago. 

A museum installation of sacred ruins demonstrating ancient Anasazi cliff dwellings alongside Adobe Pueblos and Lakota Tipis

Situated just 30 minutes from an active airport and from Colorado’s largest and fastest-growing city after Denver with Taos, New Mexico Crestone Sangre de Cristo Bloodless Valley Boulder 

Yeti / Sasquatch



About Our Community Agreements

Long ago, people knew how to love their neighbors as themselves.

Then, humanity forgot how to live with reverence for life….

…and became disconnected from its sense of purpose and meaning.

Our ecovillage serves to bring people into conscious harmony…

…with themselves, each other, nature, and all existence as a whole.

Together we can co-create a new paradigm of heaven on earth.

…working as one organism towards a collective vision of inner world peace.

We must become the ones we’ve been waiting for.

The time is now.

Springs Land

Home is where the HeartFire is. Come sit, cook, and dance with us by the fireside of this sacred family home.

We are all born of the same miraculous cosmos – so we recognize all people as family, all beings as relatives, and all being as related.

Golden House

To gather all the tribes back to the land to rebuild the temple in the name of peace.

Using the ancient science of spiritual traditions

Om Tat Sat Shanti Shanti Shanti. Amen. Hamin. Ashe. Aho. Hallalla. And So It Is.

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Learn more about our commitment to uphold a nonviolent, substance-free, vegetarian family home:

Codes of Conduct

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The Path


Cold Showers


Universal Yoga



  • Organic Gardens & Eco-friendly Diet: Community Food Share
  • Natural Building & Permaculture Design
  • Solar Power Farm
  • Live & Bamboo Fencing
  • Recycled Asphalt
  • Electric Car Charging Station
  • Worm Compost & Compost Tea
  • Responsible Waste Management & Minimizing Plastic
  • Mycelial Land Remediation & Reforestation:
  • Restoring the Soil’s Microbiome
  • Intergenerational Education & Nature Immersion Programs
  • Garden-Sharing: “Verdance” Phone App for Local Neighborhoods

Nonprofit Initiatives

  • Yurt
  • Lodge
  • Dojo
  • Kivas
  • Replicas of Ancient Pilgrimage Sites
  • Music Stages & Dance Venues
  • Visual Art Installations
  • Multimedia Production Studio
  • Museum Gallery Collection Display

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