Located on 40 acres of sacred valley land near Colorado Springs and Tava Ka’avi, Sanctorum Ecovillage is a creative events venue, holistic healing center, educational campus, and spiritual retreat space.

Solar Power


We just finished installing our grand array of solar panels to generate clean renewable energy!



Inspired by tiny homes and retreat cabins, Sanctorum Ecovillage is preparing individual dwellings for guests and visitors.



This 30-foot diameter circular structure with a transparent dome at its peak is blessed and imbued with prayerful offerings and sacred geometry. As a temple space and event venue, it can comfortably fit 40-60 people at a time, depending on dancing or seating arrangements.

It has successfully been used as a martial arts dojo, yoga studio, Sufi tekke, peace temple, dance hall and even conference center.

In Mongolian a yurt is a “Ger” which means “home”. Mongolian yurts today mix in their structures, their shamanic roots and their Buddhist traditions. The most complex part of the yurt is the roof that has in the center the most important element of the yurt, the crown called “Shangyrak”. That ring of wood supports the light beams that reach the walls called “Uni”, the crown creates the skylight called Toono and that allows the entry of sun and air. This skylight is in the shape of a “Dharmachakra” or wheel of dharma (called “khorlo” in Mongolian), which is the oldest symbol of Buddhism so this skylight is called “Kohorlo Toono”.

The round shape invokes the sky and its two poles (bagana) the cosmic axis and the relationship between earth and sky


This is the initiation of our major reforestation initiative to hydrate and regenerate 40 acres of soil and plant countless trees on this sacred land that we are helping steward. This particular mission is a collaboration of great environmental significance that requires a lot of practical community support. More updates coming soon…

Pond & Fountain


Our upcoming swimmable saltwater pond will feature a fountain and provide a refreshing facade to our 4000 sqft pavilion


Our 4000 sqft open-air pavilion features a stage and bandshell on one end. It’s the perfect setting to enjoy the outdoors with a fresh breeze while staying protected from the summer sun

Sanctorum EcoVillage